Kunstbende 2019

So in March of this year, 2019, I took part in the competition called “Kunstbende” for people to show their talent. I heard about this from my teacher, who asked me if I wanted to join with my poetry. I signed in, and before I knew I got emails asking me what I wanted to do. In the Netherlands what I take part in is called “Woordkunst” which basically means “Word Art.”

I read my poems regarding the wars here, in the cosy and small basement. I was really nervous, they had given me 5 minutes to show what I had in me. I was so enthusiastic that I borrowed a Class A from someone and wrote a very long intro, explaining what I was going to read and why.

After reading my poems, I fear the judges were quite silent. This scared me. One of them asked me, I believe it was, if I was English, because of my British accent. For your information, I’m not. Which is exactly what I answered. I thought it went really well, but I didn’t know for sure.

Skip to the evening. I go to the finale, there is a big stage. My family has joined me, they start calling the winners for Word Art. I’m holding my mother’s hand, she’s so confident I’m one of the winners. To be honest, I wasn’t sure.

2nd place, my heart’s racing. Suddenly, there it is: my name on the screen. I stand up, laughing and smiling, tug down my dress, and start walking up the stage, people staring at me because of the way I’m dressed, which is understandable.

They give me a trofee, which was amazing, and a backpack of gifts. I take my place on the stage and am smiling still. It was so amazing. I’ve met beautiful and inspiring people there and was so happy I got to read my poems.

One thing they did agree on, because they gave a short commentary before calling you up, was that my intro was too long. Whoops. Nowadays I’ve shortened it, to the length I’ve got a whole minute left to talk. It’s amazing and I’m very happy I could be part of this.

The team has emailed me ever since asking me if I want to take part in certain events, which I have. It’s been amazing ever since

Next year 2nd try! Maybe with a different topic, but I fear not. I have been writing so much about this certain topic I can’t help myself anymore.

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