Mijn bed is zacht
Dus ik wacht, geduldig zittend op de bedrand
In gedachten met mijn voeten in het strandzand
Van Domburg

Iemand zoals jij is raar
Want jij kijkt naar, de dingen die niet mooi zijn
Waarom hoor ik daarbij, op jouw ideeëneiland
Van Domburgs strandzand  

Wij zullen gaten graven
En met maatstaven, kijken wie het beste is
De Zeeuwse lucht blaast fris door onze huid
Bij ons tweede thuis

Duw mij in het zand
Begraaf mijn linkerhand, mijn been totdat mijn kop
Het enige is wat nog enigszins rechtop, bovenkomt
Verslindende zandgrond 

Het dilemma tussen kiezen
Of ik je hier wil verliezen of dan toch niet hier
Op schelpweg nummer 1, bewonersaantaal meer dan twee
Wegrennend naar mijn zee

Mijn bed is koud
Handen waarvan jij niet houdt, zoeken houvast
Hou me vast op de dijk van Domburg, op dat bankje
Ik bedank je

Ik bedank je
Voor zonsondergangen waarin we, een strandhuisje huurden
En stiekem gluurden, over het strandzand, vol scherpe schelpen
Help me

Hou mijn handje vast
Terwijl ik de leegheid aftast
En gretig zoek naar iets wat jij niet hebt gezien
En dus van mij is

Welk deel van mij 
Heb jij nog niet gevoeld, met zachte lippen spreek je
Dat dit niet is wat je bedoelt, dit is geen liefde

Je gooit verkeerde namen
En verzameld nog de moed het goed te praten
Omdat ik altijd zeg dat haatten een sterk woord is
En ik toch niet sterk ben?

Het strandzand brandt
Onder mijn voet belandt de een of ander schelp
De scherven snijden in mijn huid maar dit keer
Wil ik geen help


The Apocalypse

Four horseman stood before God’s creation 
They cursed the sky for what they’d done
These men were under no obligation 
But fought so He’d tell them they’d won 

Conquest rode towards the Lord’s men
A steady stance as he’d been taught
They didn’t know when they’d be back again
And for what, if not peace, they fought 

War cunningly outstretched his bony hand 
To congratulate the human race
He greeted them all as a long lost friend 
Bowing down with grace

The soldiers shook their head aside
Conquest nor War could make them stray
They all knew that once they died
God had in it all the final say 

Famine marched as the victor already
For he’d seen the hunger in their eyes
They all wobbled on their feet, unsteady 
Ignoring other’s pleading cries

Lastly came Death, dressed in army green
A sudden wave of sadness washed down
Most of these faces he’d already seen
And had ignored them with a frown 

He knew that what he stood for
Was something recognizable to all
It was with the heavy name he bore
He choose  which one would fall

The man were not startled as he joined in
They had all met Death once or twice
They greeted the horseman with a soft grin 
For he’d unraveled God’s lies

Background information: The four horsemen of the apocalypse are four biblical figures who appear in the Book of Revelation. They are revealed by the unsealing of the first four of the seven seals. Each of the horsemen represents a different facet of the apocalypse: conquest, war, famine, and death.
In this poem each horseman talks to a group of soldiers, trying to sway them into joining their side in what they think to be the new apocalypse: the Second World War.

Kunstbende Finale 2020

Back when I won Kunstbende Voorronde I knew I would have to represent my province in the national finale. I just didn’t know what a day it would be.

Due to COVID-19 it wasn’t a big event as it usually was, which was quite a bummer but I was more than happy that they decided to prevail, of course with all the rules still being upheld and followed. My dad (my biggest supporter for the past two years) and myself drove about three hours to the other edge of the country for the event and got there about an hour early.

We met a few other people representing Limburg, talked for a bit and had a snack before we walked into the house were I were to perform. What I didn’t know was that people could send in roses with messages to uplift the contesters spirit, and my dad told everyone he knew about this which meant I had a rose with 20 cards!!!

After that I followed backstage and waited nervously for my performance while I chatted with the host. Backstage the ambience is the best! Everyone from the Kunstbende team are absolute heroes to me!

I did my performance, a poem about my last relationship, a poem dedicated to my grandmother who passed away due to dementia early 2018 and a poem about the Second World War (how could I not?). The judges seemed to be really happy with my performance, they liked my accent and the sentences I used. Feeling as though I had just conquered the world, I went back home after a good bag of fries and a hot chocolate.

On the following thuisday people were driving through the country to visit the winners and surprise them with gifts. Three amazing ladies won, and even though I did not, I felt like a winner all the same. It was an amazing experience.

I’ll be competing again upcoming March (hopefully in person, if COVID-19 calms down) and instead will read my Dutch poetry, because many judges (the ones in the Voorrondes and finale) like to hear their own language more, of course. After that I’ll see what I’m going to do. I’ll keep everyone posted.