When Heaven Touches Hell

When Heaven Touches Hell is my own book, which is filled with poems capturing different sides of war. So have we the medical side, talking about the field medics and nurses, or the side of the soldier himself, the dying and dead, or those who keep on fighting, the home front and front lines, all portrayed through poetry. With every poem comes a fitting re-enactment picture and explanation to the photograph below it. At the end of the book is an About Me which you can find above.

You can buy the book through my website in about 2,5 to 3 weeks. I’ll be sure to keep you posted and talk about the newest changes when it comes to the publishing of the book.

Some poems can be found on this website or on my instagram, which you can find on this page too.



3 thoughts on “When Heaven Touches Hell”

  1. Hello my name is Jeremy i have a big interest in history i know more than i should at 7th grade but i really like your book hope all is well sincerely Jeremy

  2. Jeremy, I know that feel, I would strongly recommend part time reenactments (Working on the side lines)

  3. Hey Jeremy! Sorry for my late response I’ve had some trouble with the website. Hope all is well too and happy holidays!

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